Artist Birtday : 24/11/1975 (Age 47)
Born In : Guwahati, India
Occupation(s) : Singer, Composer, Song Writer
Genres : Classical, Folk, Pop, Fusion, Electronic, Jazz, Ghazal, Playback

Angarag Mahanta popularly known as Papon, is an Indian playback singer from Assam. He is not only playback singer but also works as singer-songwriter and music director in Assamese films. Papon known for his voice range, he performed with his folk & classical mixed up voice. He is the lead singer and founder of the folk-fusion band called Papon and The East India Company. With a soulful voice and a humble attitude, he continues to behave as a regular guy off stage and an ultimate ROCKSTAR on stage. It’s his ability to sing any genre with absolute ease that takes your breath away. That’s why he manages to hold a massive fan following.