Jay Sean


Artist Birtday : 26/03/1981 (Age 41)
Born In : London, United Kingdom
Occupation(s) : Singer, Song Writer
Genres : R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Soul, Bhangra

Jay Sean is a name that needs no introduction. Since his debut in the music industry, he has put together big hits and captured hearts of millions of people, not just in his own country but world-widely. He has been the king of successful reinvention since his 2004 debut in the UK. His combination of R&B/Indian flavored songs and a rabid fan base, quickly landed him a major recording deal with Virgin. From there, Jay continued to have commercial and grassroots success, with several top 10 singles in the UK and a touring career that took him to almost every country in the world.

From Me Against Myself to Down all his high-energy songs have made quite an impact. Some of his popular tracks include I’m all yours, Maybe, Stolen, Tonight, Do You Love Me, With You, Eyes On You, All I Want and many more on the list. Importantly some of his popular hits are the ones that he had penned. His efforts and doing his work wholeheartedly has brought him to this fame. He manages to hold huge fan following.