A name which has become a fan favorite, Asim Riaz has made a name for himself in a very short period of time. Born on 13 July 1993, his body of work speaks louder than words. From runways, editorial, and reality TV show to acting, seems there is nothing Asim Riaz can’t do. The heartthrob is now a bona-fide star thanks to Bigg Boss! His stint in the show has not only gotten him the attention every celeb craves, but it has also opened new avenues of career choices for Asim. The hot hunk is now one of the most loved celebs found on the small screen. After winning us on small screen in reality TV show, he continues to make headlines for back to back music video hits.

The internationally acclaimed fashion model has also been part of many television commercials and fashion concerts. Not many can boast about their career as much as someone like Asim Riaz. From being a visible factor on the runway and from taking runway on fire with his sex-appeal, to being one of the strongest and boldest editorial male models, this young blood has done it all. And we must say he has done it so brilliantly. Proving his mettle as versatile artist, he has make the mark that that he’s definitely here to stay!


Asim Riaz: The Next Big Thing

The whole world hold hearts when this hottie appears on screens. One look at him, his cute smile, hot bod and abs will definitely win your heart. So here are 7 reasons why we believe that Asim Riaz is best model and actor for the music videos.

asim riaz the next big thing

The Hottest Hunk

With his well sculpted chiseled body, strong chest, solid abs and sex-appeal, this hot man alongside his sex appeal has crossed our mind many times. The uber hot hunk looks super hot flaunting his sexy abs and makes it impossible to take eyes off him. Undoubtedly, Asim Riaz is hot beyond words. He’s the perfect ‘boy-next-door with a hidden secret’ type, and that just gives him the appeal we all die for.

asim riaz the hottest hunk

The Dream Boy

Asim Riaz is undeniably a complete package, every women dream of. He is the perfect combination of talent, good looks, debonair personality and hot bod. A quintessential good looking boy in every way, he is the man that you’d want to bring home to your parents to, and what can be better? He has an international features, a brain that is a liberal, bold attitude, and talent that are just inspiring!

asim riaz - the dream boy

A Super Model

We already know that he started his career as male model and did some international campaigns as well. He is a model who has breathed energy into the industry with his strong walk and even stronger looks for his editorials. When first time he did a modeling project, then it didn’t take long for him to get the attention of one and all around. Asim Riaz has proven that he’s a name to not only watch out for but also to take seriously. He’s a world-wide famous model and in the next few years may just be where he gets to dominate!

asim riaz super-model

A Complete Package

A desi hottie with a foreign features, Asim Riaz is the young stalwart of the industry that proves that we now have a package of good looks and great acting skills in one. After Bigg Boss, we first watched him in ‘Mere Angne Mein’ opposite Bollywood hottie & beauty Jacqueline Fernandez. And oh-my, he won us once again. The handsome hunk’s the hero his fans can’t stop swooning over. He’s fresh, a burst of energy and he has alarmingly hot bod that can make you go weak to the knees.

asim riaz - a complete package

A Real Superstar

After bigg boss, his appearances in various music videos have proven that he’s a real superstar. His looks did that the moment he came into the industry. He is the hero we need to crush on him every day. At times it’s his chocolate boy looks, sometimes it’s his sense of humor and at other times it may just be his cute yet innocent smile, which makes us drool. Tall, hot, and handsome, he’s the sort of actor you’d be proud to have in your industry. Adding further he has a body which he doesn’t shy away from showing and that just makes him more desirable among his fans!

asim riaz - the real superstar

A Jack of All Trade

With his modeling days, being an inner-wear brand-ambassador, appearing in reality TV show and his acting stints in music videos prove that he’s a jack of all trades. Going from strength to strength, the model turned actor has managed to carve his niche in almost all facets of the media. And it seems there is no stopping this hottie any time soon. And we are hoping to witness his acting chops on silver screens soon. Plus, his chiseled looks and a hot body to die for are just the additions you need to make him a world’s favorite.

asim riaz - jack of all trades

A Fitness Freak

Whenever Asim Riaz’s name comes up, the first thing which comes to our minds is his hot body. And we know that is fruit of his sweating out in gym. He is a fitness lover and love to spend hours while working out. The hunk’s definitely someone we know loves the gym and has the bodacious bod to prove it. Apart from being a fitness freak, he is also popular in masses for his unique styling. He’s always dressed nicely. Be it any showbiz event, a traditional ceremony or a regular day and his style quotient is off the charts.

asim riaz fitness freak

The hot hunk, Asim Riaz is absolutely comfortable in being himself all the time. By not caring about what people think, the young sensation wears his attitude comfortably. Million of the men all around the world, are taking fitness and fashion notes from this hunk to become a coolest and sexiest guy in town. Here we have a little treat for his fans. Scroll down some of the hottest photos of Asim Riaz and drool.

The good looking young lad has undoubtedly a charming personality. His eyes speak a thousand words and his raw sex-appeal has left us asking for more. He has earned the reputation of the most desirable young man. If you follow him on his social media handles, you can’t take off your eyes. His perfect poise, sex appeal and impeccable style has always made everyone go weak in the knees. Well, these are the reasons we believe that Asim Riaz is best model and actor for the music videos. Do you agree? Let us know in the comment section below. For more fun follow Songs Lyrics Mint.

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