The world’s most desirable man, Harshvardhan Rane is undoubtedly one of the most versatile actors in film industry. Whenever his name comes up, the thing which spring to our mind is his energetic personality, flawless acting chops and his sharp yet humble attitude. Standing tall at 5.9’, the dark and handsome man with debonair presence both on and off the camera is one of the most sought after actor in the industry. In an industry driven by pride, Harshvardhan Rane comes across as a true gentleman. His flawless performances have done wonders since he began his career. The handsome actor has not let success get to his head. Being approachable by the fans help him maintain high popularity among the public.

He joined the Bhagat Singh College in Delhi to pursue a course, but later dropped out. He trained at Barry John Acting Studio and started performing in theatrical ventures, including Indian adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ works and some Hyderabad-based theater groups. Before joining the entertainment world, he worked as a freelancer in a film-branding enterprise. From pursuing theater to working as a freelancer in a film-branding enterprise, Harshvardhan Rane’s passion for acting never dimmed away. Later he focused on acting which was his childhood dream. He moved on to Mumbai, where he got his first acting opportunity. Debuting his acting career in young age of 24 with Sab TV’s series Left Right Left, no one would have though that he will reach the starry heights of stardom.

Harshvardhan Rane : Our Hearts Hijacker

Symmetrical physique, passion for acting, hard work, charismatic smile, patience and going with the industry gained him a name in the film world. This beauty with brain hijacked our hearts with his first acting stint in series Left Right Left and soon thereafter, had us drooling at silver screens with his Telugu film debut Thakita Thakita. After delivering successful Telugu films like ‘Takita Takita’, ‘Avunu’ ‘Prema Ishq Kaadhal’ and ‘Maaya’, This well-built, gorgeous specimen of a man made his Hindi film debut with Sanam Teri Kasam in 2016. Now with 12 Telugu films and 2 Hindi films to his credit as actor, he has successfully carved himself a niche within the film industry as well as our hearts.

Keeping up the quality of work that is almost guaranteed with his name, he has managed to gain huge fan following all around the world. Apart from his acting chops and impeccable performances, his charming personality, humble attitude, love for nature and chiseled bod made his way into zillion hearts. When it comes to health and fitness, Harshvardhan is definitely a health freak. Harshvardhan’s obsession with natural photography and fitness and his shirtless pictures on social media have been as much a source of interest for fans as his acting.

Harshvardhan Rane : The Absolute Charmer

Right from his hot physique to his acting chops, we are awestruck. His casual looks have been driving us crazy. His six pack abs and the tough sexiest look with a soft heart, managed to woo us on the small and big screens as well. Call him a people’s actor or praise him for his versatility, we can’t help but love the Sanam Teri Kasam actor for all the energy that he brings on-screen and off-screen as well! That’s why, we desire to watch him in music videos and crave for his music video debut. Here we share Harshvardhan Rane Pictures to support our statement:


Harshvardhan Rane is the world’s biggest heartthrob today with zillions of fans in India as well as overseas. Talking about his journey in acting world he quoted,

“At the age of 16, I ran from my house, did odd jobs till l landed work on television and then in film industry. My first job was at an STD booth in Delhi. Then I came to Mumbai, where I distributed DVDs. And that is when I got my first TV show offer, ‘Left Right Left.’ I have never planned things in my career.”

The actor’s journey has truly been an inspiring one! Started his career as TV actors, The boy next door is now a celebrity who sports chiseled abs and muscular body. And we wish he should make his music video debut as soon as possible. Hope, you guys are also agree with us. If yes, let us know in the comment section below. For more musical fun and updates keep follow Songs Lyrics Mint.

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