Does he really need any introduction? Armaan Malik is one of the world’s favorite singers who has make his ways into zillions hearts via his magical melodious voice and charisma as well. We wait eagerly for his new tracks and always the artist does not fail to impress us. This singer has achieved so much in his life in very little time and in very young age. The handsome lad is also making waves Internationally too. As he has become the only singer who made debut as an English singer with song Control. He won our hearts and the world once again.

One of the most sought after the singer from the current lot happens to be Armaan Malik who can literally make you fall in love with any song he lends his voice too. He is not only a singer with melodious voice but also a song writer. With his fame not just limited to one country but loved the world over, he has a massive fan following. And we cannot blame anyone for loving his voice because it really is one in a million. It won’t be wrong if we say Armaan Malik is nothing short of King Midas for music industry because whichever song he lends his vocals to, turns into gold. Case in point are Main Hoon Hero Tera, Sab Tera, Mujhko Barsaat Bana Lo, Dil Mein Chupa Lunga and a gazillion more songs.

Best Armaan Malik Songs

Hit after hit, it seems like there is no looking back for the Kehta Yeh Pal Pal singer. As we’re all quarantined in our homes for prevention against the Corona virus. We are pretty sure you’re scrambling to find something to pass your time with like us. Well, in such a situation, what’s better than to have great playlist. We believe there’s nothing better than Armaan Malik to keep you soothed in this situation!

Hua Hain Aaj Pehli Baar

Tere Mere

Tumhe Apna Banane Ka

Theher Ja


Tootey Khaab

Dil Mein Ho Tum

Jab Tak

Wajah Tum Ho

Jab Se Mera Dil

Kyun Rabba

The most desirable singer makes us feel the lost love’s pain in one song and stirs the feeling of happiness with another. Undoubtedly, he is a man with melodious and soulful vocal. There is no one from the industry or outside who is not a fan of him. What do you guys say about this list? Do you have song suggestions? Write in the comments section below and share also your playlist for this week. For more updates keep follow Songs Lyrics Mint.

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