Not long ago, a new lad entered the industry and created some buzz on the social media. Fast forward a few months, he is now one of the world’s heartthrobs and of course the national craze, owing to his melodious voice. Yes, you guess it right! We are talking about Darshal Raval. Darshan Raval is undoubtedly one of the most popular face of music industry. He made his ways in hearts of billions via his melodious voice. Born 18 October 1994, he is not only a singer but songwriter and composer as well. The young handsome lad who started out with high aspirations of becoming singer is now the industry’s precious gem and most sought after singer today.

Started his career as singer in 2014, His musical journey brought him international acclaim and recognition. He first came to prominence as a contestant on the Indian reality show India’s Raw Star. Although he received most votes throughout the season, he emerged as the 1st runner up. After winning our hearts in reality singing show, he came to be known for his performances in Bollywood. His first Indie song during India’s Raw Star is Meri Pehli Mohabbat and gained popularity after his single Tera Zikr, which gained 172 million views on YouTube. He is a versatile artist who’s ability to adapt and mould into any genre of music is unique and matchless.

Darshan Raval: The Ultimate Charmer

The singing sensation, Darshan Raval, has always managed to grab our attention. Not only he has won our hearts with his vocal, but also he has stolen hearts with his extraordinary smile, his gorgeous looks and of course his dreamy eyes. There are hardy words which describe his talent and charisma. There’s nothing left to write about him. Because almost everyone in the world has written and covered him and swooned over him as well! Yet, all we say is that Darshan Raval’s the original and official charmer of the industry. Whether it’s his music, his melodious vocal or his sizzling looks, we love it all! There pictures are prove.

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