Jass Manak has been one of the most melodious and diverse singers we have in the music industry. Creating a niche for himself in the industry with his impeccable performance, he has gained huge love and appreciation for his unique singing style. Started his career as singer in 2017 in young age of 19, His musical journey brought him international acclaim and recognition. In a very short span of time, he became household name. He’s only one album and fifteen songs in, but he’s already left a mark on all our hearts. From Manaka Da Munda to Gal Sun, he has only shown growth in terms of his singing abilities.

Undoubtedly, the handsome singer is a versatile artist who’s ability to adapt and mould into any genre of music is unique and matchless. With a strong vocal and a humble attitude, he continues to behave as a regular guy off stage and an ultimate ROCKSTAR on stage. It’s his ability to sing any genre with absolute ease that takes your breath away. He is not only a naturally gifted vocalist; he has the ability to attract legions of admirers to his concerts. Jass Manak has written most of his own songs like Prada, Lehanga, Boss, Viah and every song from his debut album Age 19. He also wrote songs for singer Karan Randhawa and Nishawn Bhullar. In 2019, he also wrote the song Surma Kala for Jassi Gill.

Jass Manak: The World’s Heartthrob

Apart from his singing skills, he is also an exceptionally good-looking man. He is the only one man in music industry who can make head turns and girls drool with his sexy and suave looks. And we can’t help but appreciate the man and everything that comes with. Good looks, melodious voice, beautiful smile, great talent and a classy sense of fashion; a combustible combination no doubt, but that’s what makes Jass Manak the man he is. The handsome hunk is our man crush for today! Over the years, the singer has not just won our hearts with his singing skills but also with the way he oozes awesomeness in his style. Even his social media feeds are also nothing less than treat for sour eyes.

The Style Icon

The superstar is spreading a wave of crisp and charm in the industry. He very well knows how to glam up his look, be it traditional or western, he kills it everyday. From rocking tones of pink, donning floral shirts, to making a guitar look sexy, Jass Manak knows how to do things right! Here are some of our favorite looks that this rockstar has sported.

A Smile To Die For

A man with charisma, debonair personality and dapper look alongside an attractive smile make him everyone’s dream man. Jass Manak is prove of this!!! A smile which is absolutely and totally contagious and spreads like wildfire. We can’t help but fall for his smile! Moreover the handsome lad has power to make anyone’s lip curve into a pretty smile too along. Be it on or off the screen, each time he smiles for all his fans out there, makes their day.

His Charisma & Drool-Worthy Personality

He has mesmerized the audience not just by his looks and sex-appeal but also by his acting chops. Best known as chocolate boy and for his friendly nature as well, he has managed to gain huge fan following. He never fails to woo us and that is simplicity at its best. His relatable style, beautiful smile and stunning personality makes him one of the most desirable man.

Wears His Attitude Very Comfortably

Jass Manak is absolutely comfortable in being himself all the time. By not caring about what people think, the young singing sensation wears his attitude comfortably. All the young men all around the world are learning a thing about self-confidence from him.

The Ultimate Hottie

The good looking young lad has undoubtedly a drool-worthy and charming personality. His eyes speak a thousand words and his raw sex-appeal has left all the girls asking for more. Jass Manak has earned the reputation of the most desirable young man. If you follow him on his social media handles, you can’t take off your eyes. His perfect poise, sex appeal and impeccable style has always made everyone go weak in the knees.

Perfect Combination Of Cute & Hot

Jass Manak is such a delicious combination of great looks, charisma and cuteness. We’re yet to get over his boy-next-door charm and his drool-worthy good looks. Not to forget the calm-yet-crazy look in his eyes that makes him the perfect heartthrob and crush material! He has even made a mark as charming, cute and sexy boy at the same time which is a rare combination.

An Inspiration For Zillions Young Man

Known for his friendly nature, It’s actually difficult to not get inspired by Jass. He is one of the youngest yet most popular singers of our music industry. The singer has achieved so much in his life in very short span of time and in very young age. Having enchanted the audience with his singing skills right from his debut song with Manaka Da Munda to Gal Sun and winning the hearts of the masses, he continues to wow us with his singing skills.

We are absolutely crushing on this young singing sensation. Are you also? Let us know in the comment section below. For more fun keep follow Songs Lyrics Mint.

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