Globally famous and popular rapper singer, songwriter and actor Machine Gun Kelly has expressed concern for the people who has lost their jobs during the corona virus crisis. He also urges political leadership to ensure that the issue is taken care of.

He turned to social media handle and made announcement regarding the help of the jobless people around him. In his social media statement the Cleveland rapper wrote, “I’m going to help as many of those around me as i can that will be jobless during these times.” He penned the announcement with hope that the world leaders would do the same. “I hope our world leaders do the same by presenting a plan for the ordinary house hold that still needs to feed their families but don’t have a place of work anymore.”

We think he is very right. Not only the leaders and celebrities, everyone in person should contribute to help those who are jobless or have not enough food. Are you guys also agree with us? Let us know in the comment section below. For more musical fun and updates keep follow Songs Lyrics Mint.

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