Danyal Zafar, the young, hot and handsome brother of Asian Sexiest Man Ali Zafar, has become an eye candy for zillions. The hot handsome lad has a personality that can make anyone go crazy. Following the footsteps of his older brother, Danyal Zafar has already established his name in the music industry. His passion for singing and hard work brought for him international acclaim. Proved himself as a versatile youth icon, he has now come into his own as a vocalist & guitarist.

Better known with the alias as Danny Zafar, He stepped into industry professionally by recording guitar tracks for most of his brother, famous Pakistani and Bollywood Artist, Ali Zafar’s songs at the age of 14. Some of his popular tunes belong to critically acclaimed Bollywood film, ‘London Paris New York’. The handsome lad is not only a melodious singer but also very skillful writer and actor.

With the release of So Long Goodbye in the month of February 2020, Danyal Zafar has now launched his debut album Blue Butterfly. The album consists of 8 songs that include Blue Butterfly, Face in the Rain, Take it Slow, So Long Goodbye, Its 6 AM, Rumble Tumble, Your Love is an Addiction & Angels. His debut album is a mixture of various genres amalgamated to create unique sound and melody. Indeed, playing all instruments in order to create the masterpiece, Danny Zafar debut album is available in all the leading streaming platforms including Youtube.

Danyal Zafar’s Social Media Statement

Before the launch of his album, he stated that for the very first time he is going to expose his vulnerable and sensitive self to the world. Danyal dedicated his album to those who embrace heartbreaks to evolve & grow.

“I believe those who accept and embrace hardships and heartbreaks to evolve and grow from it are the strongest and most beautiful kind of people. This album is dedicated to you all, and to those grieving, those who wish to turn to music to express their sorrows of a loss… and accept it. Those who have moved on, but are still trying to get over.”

We are already in love with the music. His voice perfectly matches with each song’s theme and instantly resonate with you. Are you also listening this handsome lad? Let us know in the comment section below. For more musical fun and updates keep follow Songs Lyrics Mint.

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