The nation’s hot favorite Farhan Humayun made his ways into million hearts via his flawless singing skills. The multi-talented man is also a drummer, record producer and video artist. His hard-work and strong vocals won for him local and international acclaim. He most associated with drum-jam band Overload. In 2003 he founded the said band. Farhad began his career as underground musician and formed two bands Co-Ven and Mindriot in which he played drums. He has identified and launched some of South Asia’s top acts such as Atif Aslam, Symt, Meesha Shafi and many others. Here we have an exciting news for the fans of Farhad as make his musical comeback after a hiatus of one year with ‘Main Hoon’. The song celebrates life and the importance of being who you are rather than what others would like you to be.

Listen Main Hoon Song:

It’s his first single of Farhad featuring master Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy in his last recording & guitarist Aziz Ibrahim. The lyrics promote individuality which follows its own path not the one set by others. ‘Main Hoon’ reflects on the pressures of the land and the refusal to understand the journey our inner self hopes to undertake. We are in love with the lyrics of the song. Do you? Let us know in the comment section. Keep follow Songs Lyrics Mint for musical updates.

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